Euro 2016 – Nobody to Play With?

Everyone watching the football and you’re not all that interested?  Make a themed game to occupy yourself whilst still enjoying the atmosphere (and not seeming like a spoil sport).

england solitaire 3

For this cheese-box solitaire you will need an empty cheese triangle box, some used matches, and a template for positioning the holes.

Cheese box

With a skewer, make some nice neat holes in the lid  (job for an adult).  Push from the outside to the inside of the lid so that the ragged edges don’t show.  It’s best to test on a spare piece of card so that the size of the hole you make is a tight  fit for the matches you are using.

cheese box 3

Glue on the lid and give it a couple of coats of white acrylic.  If your box wasn’t empty you could always make some fans of your own by making cheese and crackers for the footie fans.  While you are waiting for the final coat to dry trim the matches to the right size.

cheese box 4

Try the matches to make sure they are a good fit.  Remove, and paint the matches and decorate the box to your liking.

cheese box both

To play this game for one – remove the central matchstick then remove as many matchsticks as possible by jumping one match over another.  You can do this horizontally or vertically.

The aim is to end up with one matchstick on the ‘field’ – because there can be only one winner.

Let’s hope it’s England!

See if you can work it out before the tournament ends!

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