A Happy Accident – Washer Bracelet

My Dad had some great toolboxes, they were full of all manner of things. Sometimes he worked with very tiny tools, this required him to wear his half-specs.  I can see him now looking over the top of them with a very wrinkled brow!

Washer bracelet

I have only the one toolbox and it’s not nearly as exciting, but if you rummage around there always seems to be useful small finds.  (Be careful though, toolboxes often contain sharp things!)

I thought I’d make a washer bracelet and the reason I’m calling this treat a happy accident is because the washer I came across was sitting inside a key ring.  I like it.  The cord cost 25p and if you don’t have any toolboxes to raid – yours or anyone else’s, washers only cost a few pence.  A few knots and hey presto!  It looks good without the key ring too.

If you get washers of various sizes you can get a little more creative, below is a matching necklace and bracelet.

Necklace and bracelet

No washers?  You could try a button, but I have to say I had another lucky find.  A button with two holes in the red button jar!  This band is made with some spare embroidery silk.  We could do some bracelet knotting another time.

Button bracelet

If you don’t have as much luck with your found objects as I have this weekend, there’s always a fruit polo.  No guesses which bracelet Beanie and J would prefer!

Fruit polo bracelet



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