‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’

I was sorting through the cupboard this weekend and I came across some little gold bells on red ribbons.  I had squirrelled them away – they were around the necks of those delicious chocolate Gold Bunnies you get at Easter.  So, I thought we could get in a nice fun jingle bells treat, and also do a task ready for the next post.

This is a really quick and easy ‘sixes’ bracelet.  To make it you will need three 100cm pieces of cord, I have used ‘rats tail’ cord (red, green and gold), and my two found bells.  You could use beads – or you might just have to go out and buy a couple of chocolate Reindeers!


Knot the three cords together 10cms from the top and anchor them to the top of something like a clipboard (I used the cutting mat).  I also clipped the central gold cord to the bottom of the mat, to hold it in place.


Take the green cord and pass it over the gold cord, then under the gold cord and over the green cord. It looks like a six!  Pull it up and out gently – not too tight as the ‘knot’ needs to stay flat.


Now take the red cord and pass it over the gold cord, then under the gold cord and over the red cord, and pull it up and out.  How easy is that? Continue in this way until it’s the correct length for you, then tie the three cords together.  All you need to do now is attach the bells.

In the next post we will show you another Christmas treat.  In the mean time you can get to work getting something ready to make it.

For this you will need: a small soft sponge ball (you know the ones – they are a little smaller than a tennis ball); some old newspapers; PVA glue and an old paintbrush; some Vaseline.

Tear the newspaper into fairly thin strips and then tear the strips into small pieces (approx. 1 inch).  It’s better to have torn edges as they glue down smoothly and the edges of the paper are less noticeable.  This is just one way of doing Papier-mâché, and I find it quick, easy and less messy for small projects like this.

First, make sure you cover the table with some newspaper.  Smear a small amount of Vaseline over the ball, this will stop the newspaper paper from sticking to the ball and make it easier to remove.  Apply the PVA glue to one piece of newspaper at a time, and cover the ball with the pieces.  Overlap the pieces, smoothing down the edges and any creases as you go.  Paint the finished layer with PVA glue and allow to dry.  You will need to apply several layers, and let each layer dry before starting the next one.  The finished ball should be strong and hard.


For the next post you will need your finished ball; PVA glue and brush; some acrylic paints and another brush; some wrapping paper with Christmas images on; a piece of gold or silver thread; some clear nail varnish (optional).

If you happen to have some cloves, cinnamon sticks, and some sweet orange essential oil, that would be brilliant!

See you then!




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